Chiayo STAGE PRO Portable Wireless Mixer PA System


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Chiayo STAGE PRO Portable Wireless Mixer PA System

Part Number: STAGE PRO
Manufacturer: Chiayo Electronics

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Chiayo STAGE PRO  Portable Wireless Mixer PA System

    • Ruggedly built compact ABS speaker enclosure.
    • 200W Class-D amplifier to power 8 woofer and 1 tweeter and electronic crossover.
    • Up to 4 diversity receiver modules with 100 frequencies.(optional)
    • Scan and Sync button for quick and simple mic channel set-up.
    • MIC IN 1 and 2 are XLR/6.3mm combo jack connectors for microphone input with individual volume control.
    • INSTRUMENT IN provides two 6.3mm jacks for two instrument level inputs.
    • LINE IN (RCA L/R & 3.5mm jacks) with volume control.
    • DIGITAL IN (USB 2.0) allows playing audio files directly from computer via USB cable.
    • ACTIVE IN/OUT (XLR jacks) for multi-unit audio linking.
    • LINE OUT (RCA L/R jack) for external audio recording.
    • 2-band equalizer (BASS / TREBLE) for wired microphones.
    • 3-band equalizer (BASS / MIDDLE / TREBLE) for music.
    • VOICE PRIORITY automatically ducks music when a microphone is used (switchable).
    • REVERB with bypass for wired and wireless microphones (switchable).
    • LOUDNESS function boosts bass/treble performance (switchable).
    • Digital limiter prevents output distortion, with 6-step LED audio meter indicator.
    • Smart charging circuit with 4-step LED battery indicators and charging LED.
    • User friendly battery compartment design for simple battery replacement.
    • Tripod stand mountable with ST-50.
    • More than 12 hours operating time per charge with lithium battery and 10 hours with Lead-Acid battery.
    • 2 power modes: Internal Rechargeable battery & DC jack.

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