Altronix HubWayEXP 16 Channel UTP Power Injector


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Altronix HubWayEXP 16 Channel UTP Power Injector

Part Number: HubWayEXP
Manufacturer: Altronix

Altronix HubWayEXP 

16 Channel UTP Power Injector

Altronix HubWayEXP UTP Power Injector supplies power combined with pass through video and data for up to 16 cameras from Altronix HubWay Active UTP Transceiver Hubs. Unit allows for video transmission of up to 16 cameras over four CAT-5 or higher structured cables from HubWay Active Transceiver Hubs. The HubWayEXP units are designed for installation at the IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame) or MDF (Main Distribution Frame).
  • Input:

  • - 115VAC 60Hz, 2.5 amp or 230VAC 50Hz, 1.5 amp.
  • Power:

  • - Unit provides up to 1 amp max. per channel not to exceed a total of 16 amp maximum current.
  • - Individually selectable 24VAC or 28VAC power outputs with OFF position.
  • - Individual electronically isolated PTC outputs.
  • - Surge suppression.
  • Individual power LED indicators.
  • Illuminated master power disconnect circuit breaker with manual reset.
  • IEC 320 - 3-wire receptacle.
  • Unit can be rack, wall or shelf mounted.

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