Switchcraft 236 1/4 Stereo (TRS) Male Right-Angle Audio Connector


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Switchcraft 236 1/4"Stereo (TRS) Male Right-Angle Audio Connector

Part Number: Switchcraft 236
Manufacturer: Switchcraft


Switchcraft's 2- or 3-conductor right-angle audiophone plugs are designed for OEMs and users of commercial phone plugs.The plugs offer large terminals for easy wiring, and only three piecesto assemble - handle, insulator and finger/housing assembly and ruggedreliability for stable, long-term, trouble-free operation


* Easy Termination: Large terminals accept up to 16
AWG wiring (cables up to .25 inch diameter)

* 3-Piece Assembly: Screw on the handle for quick and
easy assembly; minimizes labor costs.

* Rugged: All metal exterior construction.

* Low Profile: Only 1/2 inch wide. Ideal for crowded,
multi-channel panels. Right-angle handle minimizes
space required behind equipment.

* Knurled Handles: Positive grip during connect/

* Rugged Cable Clamp: Isolates pulling and
twisting strains.


Tip, Rod and Handle: Nickel-plated copper alloy.

Housing/Sleeve: Nickel-plated.

Tip Terminal: Tin-plated copper alloy.

Sleeve (Clamp) Terminal: Tin-plated steel.

Insulation: Thermoplastic.

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500 Vac.

Insulation Resistance: 50,000 Megaohms minimum (initial).

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +65°

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