Atlas Sound M1000 712 Cubic Inch, 8" Masking Speaker System

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Atlas Sound M1000 712 Cubic Inch, 8" Masking Speaker System

Part Number: M1000
Manufacturer: Atlas Sound
UPC Number: 612079179930

Atlas Sound M1000

712 Cubic Inch, 8" Masking Speaker System

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TheM1000 masking speaker assembly is designed to accurately reproduce therequired spectrum of masking signal into the plenum space. Theinnovative 734 cubic inch square enclosure ensures ample low frequencyresponse. A specially designed 8" dual cone loudspeaker is included inthe package. A high efficiency 70.7V internal transformer is coupled toan external tap selector switch for easy system tuning.
The exclusive Atlas Sound EZ hang brackets simplify installation. Thisinnovative suspension system utilizes (2) collapsible plated hangersconfigured to allow quick upward, downward, or side firinginstallation. The hangers are factory-installed on the unit and foldflat for shipping.To meet most any local code requirement, the M1000 includes aninnovative cover containing both knockouts and a strain relief. Thissystem will allow the use of rigid or flexible conduit (if required)and easily accommodates through connections on the removable plate.UL 2043 listed for use in air handling spaces

  • 734 cubic inch enclosure for extended low frequency response
  • Black epoxy finish blends with open ceiling plans
  • Design enables upward, downward and side firing sound dispersion
  • Innovative input panel includes combination knock-out and strain relief connector to accommodate flexible or rigid conduit
  • Labor-saving hardware package - complete with new snap hanger assembly, allows quick and easy installation
  • Plenum Rated
  • Pre-assembled unit includes 8" dia. loudspeaker, transformer, enclosure, baffle and mounting hardware
  • Suitable for use above suspended ceiling systems
Height 5ÃÃÃÃÃÃý" (13.97 cm)
Width 110916" (29.37002 cm)
Depth 110916" (29.37002 cm)
Shipping Weight 10.00 lbs (4.54 kgs)
Frequency Response 100 Hz - 10 kHz, ÃÃÃÃÃÃñ 1.5dB
Power Taps .25, .5, 1, 2 and 4
Speaker Type 8" Dual Cone
Dispersion Upward, Downward, Horizontal
Sensitivity 97dB Peak, 94dB Average
UL Listed/Standard 1480, 2043

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