Aiphone RY-1824L Door Release Relay Module

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Aiphone RY-1824L Door Release Relay Module

Part Number: RY-1824L
Manufacturer: Aiphone
UPC Number: 788255304059

Aiphone RY-1824L Door Release Relay Module
Door Release Relay Module

The RY-1824L door release relay module is an interface between the door release contact on the Aiphone master station or CEU and the actual release mechanism. The contact closure directly from the master station or CEU has limited voltage and current capacity. Use the RY-1824L to ensure that the contact rating will be sufficient for the electric strike or magnetic lock used. The relays contact rating supports a majority of door release hardware available. This relay is recommended for all AX, KB, JF, JO, and JP Series systems when using door release and will protect the built-in contact from possible surge damage. Us the RY-1824L with the JP-4MED, KB-3MRD, JF-2MED, JO-1MD, JO-1FD masters and sub stations or the AX-084C, AX-248C, AX-320C central control units.

Form C relay for 18-24V DC intercom systems
Contacts have a higher rating than stock units
Both normally open and normally closed output options

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