Altronix AL842ULADA NAC Power Extender - 24VDC or 12VDC @ 8 amp


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Altronix AL842ULADA NAC Power Extender - 24VDC or 12VDC @ 8 amp

Part Number: AL842ULADA
Manufacturer: Altronix

Altronix AL842ULADA

NAC Power Extender - 24VDC or 12VDC @ 8 amp

Model AL842ULADA is an extremely cost effective 8 amp voltage regulatedremote NAC Power Extender. It may be connected to any 24 volt FireAlarm Control Panel (FACP). Primary applications include NotificationAppliance Circuit (NAC) expansion (supports ADA requirements) and willprovide auxiliary power to support system accessories. The unitdelivers regulated and filtered 24 volt power via four (4) Class B,four (4) Class A or two (2) Class B and two (2) Class A NotificationAppliance Circuits. Additionally, the unit can supply up to 1 amp fromcontinous AUX output and up to 1 amp from AC disconnected AUX ouput.The 8 amp rated supply current can be divided between the four (4)outputs for powering notification appliances and the AUX outputs. Eachoutput is rated at 2.5 amp max (total not to exceed 8 amp), and can beindependently programmed for Steady, Temporal Code 3 or StrobeSynchronization. All outputs may be programmed for Input to OutputFollower Mode (output will follow input. i.e. March Time Input, MarchTime Output). An individual output of 4 amp is achieved by paralleling2 outputs. In non-alarm condition units provide independent loopsupervision for Class A and/or Class B FACP NAC circuits. In the eventof a loop trouble the FACP will be notified via steered inputs (input 1or input 2). In addition, there are common trouble output terminals(NC, C, NO) which are used to indicate general loop/system trouble. Acommon trouble input is provided for optional NC (normally closed)devices to report trouble to the FACP. Two (2) FACP signaling outputscan be connected to power extender inputs. These inputs can then bedirected to control supervision and power delivery to any combinationof the four (4) outputs. The unit also feature Loop Output troublememory indication to help identify troublesome sporadic loop problems.

Power Supply/Charger:
24VDC output.
8 amp max total alarm current.
115VAC 60Hz., 3.2 amp.
Short circuit and thermal overload protection.
Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type battery backup.
Maximum charge current .7 amp.
Zero voltage drop upon transfer to battery backup.
AC input and DC output LED indicators.
AC fail supervision (form "C" contact rated @ 1 amp 28VDC).
Low battery and battery presence supervision (form "C" contact rated @ 1 amp 28VDC).
Lifetime Warranty.

Logic Board:
Class 2 Rated power limited outputs.
Two (2) Class A or two (2) Class B FACP inputs.
Two (2) NC dry contact trigger inputs.
Four (4) Class A or four (4) Class B Indicating Circuits.
Two (2) Class B outputs may be paralleled for more power on an indicating circuit.
One (1) Aux. Power Output @ 1 amp supply current (w/Battery Back Up).
One (1) Aux. Power Output @ 1 amp supply current (w/o Battery Back Up).
Signal Circuit Trouble Memory - facilitates quickly locating intermittent system trouble and eliminates costly and
unnecessary service calls. LEDs indicate a prior fault (short, open, ground) has occured on one or
more signaling circuit outputs.
2-wire horn/strobe Sync mode allows audible notification appliances (horns) to be silenced while visual notification
appliances (strobes) continue to operate.
Horn/Strobe sync protocols include: Wheelock , Gentex , System Sensor , Faraday, Amseco.
Temporal Code 3 Mode.
Steady Mode.
Input to Output Follower Mode (maintains synchronization of notification appliance circuits).
March Time.
Compatible with 24VDC or 12VDC fire panels.
Common Trouble inputs and outputs.
Ground fault detection.
Lifetime Warranty.

Accommodates up to two (2) 12VDC/12AH batteries.
Dimensions: 18H x 14.5W x 4.625D.
1/2" and 3/4" combination knockouts.

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