Altronix STRIKEIT4 Low Current Locking Device Power Controller


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Altronix STRIKEIT4 Low Current Locking Device Power Controller

Part Number: STRIKEIT4
Manufacturer: Altronix

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Altronix STRIKEIT4 Low Current Locking Device Power Controller 

  • Input
    • Input 115VAC, 60Hz, 2.5A or 230VAC, 50Hz, 1.5A.
    • Two (2) Normally Open (N.O.) trigger inputs (Input 1 and Input 2).
    • FACP Normally Closed (N.C.) input.
    • Two normally open ADA inputs for special mode of interfacing with automatic door operators.
  • Outputs
    • Two (2) 19.8VDC-26.4VDC rated individually controlled lock outputs configurable for fail-secure or fail-safe electronic locking hardware for applications with battery back-up. 24VDC-26.4VDC rated for applications without battery back-up (US applications only). Current rating 2A combined.
    • One (1) 19.8VDC-26.4VDC @ 0.8A rated filtered regulated auxiliary output for applications with battery back-up, 24VDC-26.4VDC @ 0.8A rated for applications in US not requiring battery back-up. Not affected by FACP trigger.
    • One (1) 12VDC filtered regulated auxiliary output rated 0.5A. Not affected by FACP trigger.
    • Two (2) follower Normally Open relay outputs for controlling ADA actuators/accessories rated 28VDC @ 0.5A.
    • Two momentary door operator activation relay outputs.
    • Trouble relay output indicating low AC voltage trouble and battery trouble.
  • Battery Backup
    • Battery leads included.
    • When 7AH batteries are used, battery capacity for emergency stand-by is 30 minutes.
    • Built-in charger for sealed lead acid batteries.
    • Maximum charge current 650mA.
    • Automatic switch over to stand-by battery when AC fails.
  • Visual Indicators
    • Green AC Power LED indicates AC presence.
    • Red trigger output LEDs indicate panic device status / opened (activated, short circuit).
    • Green Fire Alarm Interface (FAI) LED indicates FACP interface is activated.
    • Red Battery LED indicates low battery during AC failure and battery test.
    • Green AC status LED indicates loss of AC power.
  • Fire Alarm Disconnect
    • Normally Closed FACP trigger input.
      • Programmable Fire Alarm Disconnect options:
        • Removes power to outputs and disables delayed follower relays.
        • Connects power to lock outputs and enables delayed follower relays.

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