Atlas IED HPA1204 AMP, HI POWER 4X300W@70V 2RU

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Atlas IED HPA1204 AMP, HI PWR 4X300W@70V 2RU

Part Number: HPA1204
Manufacturer: Atlas Sound
UPC Number: 612079662647

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Atlas IED HPA1204 AMP, HI PWR 4X300W@70V 2RU

The AtlasIED High Power Amplifier HPA Series is designed for use in both commercial 70V/100V distributed systems and professional applications that require amplifiers to handle multiple impedance loads. The HPA is compact and lightweight in comparison to other models delivering similar power levels. The HPA Series features Generation II Class D Output topology that provides great efficiency with the sound quality of a Class AB amplifier. The power supply is a switch mode, global auto sensing design that maintains a stable output during fluctuating power conditions. The power supply and output stage collectively are designed to deliver exceptional dynamic high output voltage and current to virtually any speaker load.

The HPA Series features front panel detente level controls with a security cover, remote turn on, balanced inputs, fault reporting and a rear panel accessory card slot for an optional Dante 4-channel digital audio interface. HPA Series amplifiers feature a unique output stage, low resistance direct coupled thermal transfer design that effectively maintains optimal temperature across all loads and output levels. HPA Series amplifiers are also energy efficient and meet Energy Star standards, drawing only 1W of power in standby mode.

Whether the application is a large distributed constant voltage sound system or a high SPL sound reinforcement system, the AtlasIED HPA Series is the answer for high power/cost effective amplification needs.

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