Bogen Apogee AMT12 12" Molded Trapezoidal Loudspeaker, 200 Watt, continuous

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Bogen Apogee AMT12 12" Molded Trapezoidal Loudspeaker, 200 Watt, continuous

Part Number: AMT12

AMT-Series Professional Loudspeakers

The AMT-Series Loudspeakersare designed to provide high-output music and sound reinforcement in alightweight, cost-efficient package. The AMT-Series includes twomodels, the AMT-12 and the AMT-15. With a robust 12" or 15" woofer,1.77" compression driver, they can fill large rooms with smoother andmore accurate sound than any other speaker in their class. The woofershave high sensitivity to maximize amplifier output. The compressiondriver diaphragm is comprised of an aluminum-alloy for added strengthand rigidity to effortlessly handle high input levels to match thewoofer. A symmetrical third-order cross-over network accurately filterseach driver for proper matching of phase and flat summation in thecross-over region. The transition is much smoother than otherloudspeakers in this class, making the sound more accurate and morerealistic. The AMT-15's larger 15" woofer further enhances soundquality with a richer, dynamic bass response which extends 10 Hz lowerthan the AMT-12. It can fill larger rooms with plenty of power andhighly accurate sound.

Molded polypropylene construction 200W max. power handling for AMT-12, 300W on AMT-15
Heavy gauge steel grilles with powder-coated finish Lightweight, with integral carrying handle molded into speaker housing
Large, high-sensitivity woofers (12" on AMT-12,
15" on AMT-15)
Dual Speakon (TM) connectors for input and loop-through
Smooth, precise passive crossover Rich, dynamic bass response
Ferrofluid®-cooled and damped, high-output aluminum-alloy compression driver Versatile mounting abilities with integral tripod mount, attachment points, and top-side sockets
Adjustable rigging beam kit available (sold separately) Tripod speaker stand available (sold separately)

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