Bogen CORE8X8 Universal Audio Processor (8 inputs, 8 outputs)

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Bogen CORE8X8 Universal Audio Processor (8 inputs, 8 outputs)

Part Number: CORE8X8
Manufacturer: Bogen
UPC Number: 765368310368

Bogen CORE8X8

Universal Audio Processor (8 inputs, 8 outputs)

Designed for small to medium installations, The CORE is a highly versatile drag-and-drop DSP processor. Hardware system configuration is highly flexible in blocks of 2 for 4 in/12 out, 6 in/10 out, etc. configurations. Expandability is also
ensured by stacking multiple processors for a very high number of inputs and outputs. Front panel knobs can be programmed to map to any functions within the DSP library and can be scaled to match the requirements of the project. Up to 53 minutes of audio storage is built-in to the box and audio files can be activated via a built-in scheduler, any of 16 resident TTL inputs, or via an end user GUI interface custom built for each application. System design is PC based.The software system design is PC based. Once connected, The CORE software, allows for design, downloading, reversal of in-box designs, and live monitoring, calibration, and routing via the PC. Third-party control systems such as Crestron, AMX, Vity and others can also control The Core either via RS-232 or IP commands. Up to 12 CORE units can be networked together for expandability. A variety of accessories, including low cost analog controllers (RAC), digital controllers (URC),and various paging and control microphones (PPM, PPM Touch) are available for use with the system.

Up to 16 analog inputs/outputs
Configuration via PC/Laptop
Programmable, scalable front panel knobs for
DSP functions
Third-party control via RS-232 or IP commands
Full DSP drag-and-drop component library
Up to 53 minute built-in message storage
16 built-in TTL inputs and 8 logic outputs
Stack up to 12 units
CE and UL listed
5 year warranty

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