Bogen NR100 Night Ringer Module

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Bogen NR100 Night Ringer Module

Part Number: NR100
Manufacturer: Bogen
UPC Number: 765368200133

Bogen NR100 Night Ringer Module
Night Ringer Module

The NR100 converts virtually any paging system
into an after-hours night bell alert system. The economical
NR100 night ringer sends an electronic
tone through paging system speakers when triggered
by the telephone systems night bell circuit,
thus eliminating the need for loud, old-fashioned
night bells thoughout a facility. The NR100 is an easy
and efficient way to alert security guards or other
personnel of incoming calls during non-business
The NR100 is easily connected to the AUX input of
a paging amplifier and can be activated by either 90V
ring or contact closure.
Connections are included for a background music
source. The ringer preempts the background music

Eliminates expensive, old fashioned night bells
Low-cost protection against missed calls
Electronic warble tone rings through paging
system speakers
Music input with automatic muting
Connects easily to amplifier
Activated by 90V ring or contact closure
Adjustable volume
Low current draw
No Maintenance
FCC Part 68 approved

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