Bogen SAH5 High-Efficiency, Digital Switching, Amplified Horn,5 Watts

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Bogen SAH5 High-Efficiency, Digital Switching, Amplified Horn,5 Watts

Part Number: SAH5
Manufacturer: Bogen
UPC Number: 765368360011

Bogen SAH5 High-Efficiency, Digital Switching, Amplified Horn,5 Watts
High-Efficiency, Digital Switching, Amplified Horn,5W

The SAH5, SAH15, and SAH30 powered horn loudspeakers employ digital switching amplifier technology
resulting in low DC current draw and low heat dissipation.This means fewer power supplies, longer cable
runs, and the capacity to work at higher ambient temperatures when compared to conventional analog self amplified
horn speakers.
The horn loudspeakers can be positioned in any orientation (rotate, tilt, or swivel).The shape of the horn flare
provides a controlled dispersion of sound for better intelligibility.
They can be used in any environment, indoors or outdoors, without affecting sound quality.

5-, 15-, and 30-watt models with built-in amplifiers
All models operate from 24V DC power source
Digital switching amplifier technology provides low
DC current draw and heat dissipation compared to
conventional analog amplifiers
Low heat dissipation allows units to operate with
continuous background music and in higher ambient
temperatures than conventional analog self-amplified
horn speakers
Excellent extended frequency response from 1.6"
diameter voice coil and 90mm, 12-ounce magnet
structure (SAH5 and SAH15) or 100mm, 16-ounce
magnet structure (SAH30)
Predictable dispersion pattern over the full
frequency range ensures excellent intelligibility and
ease of layout
3 ways to position speaker (rotate, tilt, and swivel)
Weatherproof, UV-protected plastic housing
Simple and secure cast aluminum swivel mount
Screw terminal strip for easy wire connections
Indexed volume control knob
Easily removable access cover
Slot in the base allows strapping to be used as a
means of mounting the horn to electrical boxes
(mounting strap included)
Mountable to an I-beam flange using Bogen's BC1
beam clamp (not included)
Two-Year Warranty

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