Bogen TPU15A 15-Watt Telephone Paging Amplifier

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Bogen TPU15A 15-Watt Telephone Paging Amplifier

Part Number: TPU15A
Manufacturer: Bogen
UPC Number: 765368200775

Bogen TPU15A 15-Watt Telephone Paging Amplifier
15-Watt Telephone Paging Amplifier

The Bogen Model TPU15A is a unique 15-watt, wallmounting
amplifier, specifically designed for telephone
paging applications. This compact unit incorporates
state-of-the-art electronic technology. It provides
voice-activated muting of music when paging, completely
eliminating the need for manual activation of
switches and the use of external relays.The page channel
features automatic output leveling (ALC) as channel
input varies, which is particularly important in telephone
paging applications, where persons with varying
voice levels and paging techniques have access to the
system. A built-in night ringer can be triggered by an
external contact closure, alerting personnel of incoming
calls during non-business hours.
Installation and maintenance are simple; all connections,
adjustments and mounting are accomplished
with a screwdriver. Input terminals are furnished for a
600-ohm balanced telephone line, a background music
source, and dry contacts which, when closed, trigger
the night ringer. Output terminals offer a choice of 25
volts, 70 volts, or 8 ohms for connection of various types of loudspeakers.
The Model TPU15A features an LED overload indicator,
a low-cut switch for use with horn loudspeakers,
a push-to-reset circuit breaker, and individual controls
for tone, page volume, background music volume, and
night ringer volume.The unit is professional in styling,
finished in black with silver lettering. It operates from
a 120V AC, 60Hz source

Compact wall-mount design
Inputs for 600-ohm balanced telephone line and background music
Built-in night ringer
Integral automatic level control (ALC) circuit
Signal-activated music muting circuit
UL and CSA listed

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