Bogen VAR1 Voice-Activated Relay

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Bogen VAR1 Voice-Activated Relay

Part Number: VAR1
Manufacturer: Bogen
UPC Number: 765368200973

Bogen VAR1 Voice-Activated Relay
Voice-Activated Relay

The VAR1 is a relay device that monitors audio activity over a wide range of input voltages and operates two sets of C-Form relay contacts in response to detected activity. The VAR1 can be used to detect voltages as low as signals directly from a microphone or as high as signals from 70V speaker systems. A low-level output
of the detected audio, transformer-isolated from the input, is also made available for use with other equipment.The VAR1 can also be used as a balanced, low-impedance microphone pre-amp. The VAR1 is ideally suited to provide a set of contact closures for paging ports of lower cost telephone systems that do not have a set of AUX contacts to trigger paging equipment. An adjustable release delay (up to 25 seconds) keeps the paging system from dropping out in the middle of a page

Monitors audio activity over a wide range of input voltages
Two sets of C-Form (both N.O. and N. C.) relay contacts
respond to audio activity
Four levels of signals: microphone, 600-ohm line, 25V,
 and 70V speaker systems
Built-in balanced, low noise, high gain microphone pre-amp
Transformer-isolated, 600-ohm small signal level output
of detected audio available
Works with self-amplified or central-amplified paging systems
Separate microphone pre-amp gain control
Adjustable release delay: 0.25s to 25s
Trigger threshold adjustment
Relay active indicator light
Accessories: PRS40C 12V DC Power Supply (sold separately)

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