Bogen X450 70V Dual-Channel Power Amplifier, 450 W/ch, Seq. Turn-On

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Bogen X450 70V Dual-Channel Power Amplifier, 450 W/ch, Seq. Turn-On

Part Number: X450
Manufacturer: Bogen
UPC Number: 765368140026

Bogen X450 70V Dual-Channel Power Amplifier, 450 W/ch, Seq. Turn-On
70V Dual-Channel Power Amplifier, 450W/ch, Seq. Turn-On

Bogen's Black Max amplifiers are designed to provide maximumperformance in constant voltage speaker systems.Dual 70Vtransformer-less outputs deliver exceptionally clean audio to speakersystems requiring up to
1200 watts of total power, or two separate channels of audio up to 600Wper zone, in a single package. High efficiency class H amplifier designand auto-sleep feature reduce power consumption on continuously-poweredsystems. Rear-mounted volume controls, independent low-cut filters oneach input, and pluggable input terminal strips were specificallydesigned for the fixed install market. Built-in power sequencing forcontrolling multiple Black Max amplifiers combats current in-rushproblems of large audio systems. Massive power toroid and heat sinks;heavy 14-gauge chassis; Back-Slope AC voltage stabilization; cliplimiters; and DC voltage, over-current,and thermal protection circuitsmake this a workhorse amplifier

Dual 70V amplifier channels
3 power levels: 600W, 450W, or 300W per channel
for 70V speaker systems
Low noise, low distortion, and high slew rate
High efficiency class H amplifier design
Transformer less direct drive outputs
Electronically balanced high-impedance inputs
Pluggable terminal strips for input connections
Independent low-cut filters on each input
Built-in power sequencing for multiple Black Max
amplifier installations
Pluggable terminal strip for sequencing wiring
Rear-mounted power sequencing status indicator
DC, overload, short circuit, and thermal protection circuits
Clip limiting circuits for speaker protection
Power-saving sleep mode for intermittent use applications
Status, Signal, and Limit indicators
Back-Slope AC voltage stabilization for dependable
performance over varying AC line voltages
Heavy-gauge steel chassis with cast aluminum front panel
Rear-mounted volume controls
Mounts in 2 rack spaces (3-1/2") directly stackable
without need for extra space above or below
2 independent, continuously variable, cooling fans
for dependable and quiet operation
Easily removable front fan grilles with filters

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