RCI Rutherford Controls 8310X28 MultiMag Single Magnet Maglock

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RCI Rutherford Controls 8310X28 MultiMag Single Magnet Maglock

Part Number: 8310X28
Manufacturer: RCI Rutherford Controls
UPC Number: 8310X28

RCI Rutherford Controls 8310X28

MultiMag Single Magnet Maglock

These hard-working multi-purpose electromagnetic locks enhancebuilding security and install quickly.

Several standard features make these magnets the "workhorse" ofthe industry. The adjustable mounting bracket has been enhancedwith keyhole mounting to support the magnet's weight during initialinstallation, freeing the installer's hands to affix the magnetmounting screws. The removable cavity cover offers quick, easyaccess to wiring.

These models feature a built-in, adjustable time delay withinstant unlock and de-layed relock (up to 110 seconds), which canbe controlled by any standard switching device.


  • Larger (Right Angled) LED size for better visibility (SCS versionsonly)
  • Built-in time delay (instant release with adjustable relock,programmable from 0-110 seconds)
  • Field selectable voltage - 12/24VDC
  • MOV surge protection
  • No residual magnetism
  • Low energy consumption
  • Hardened steel armature nut
  • Brushed Anodized Aluminum or Brushed Adonized Dark Bronzefinish

PLUS! Standard MultiMagÃÃÃÃÃÃÃî features included

  • Adjustable keyhole mounting
  • Convenient plug-in wiring terminals
  • Easy access wiring cavity
  • Encapsulated 4-bolt 'Drop-Stop" mounting
  • Self-drilling tek fasteners

DSS - Door Status Sensor (Retrofit Kits Available)
SCS - Security Condition Sensor with LED
DSS/SCS - Door Status Sensor/Security Condition Sensor Combinationwith LED

Security Condition Sensor (SCS) Electronic field presence sensor for remote and local LEDindication of lock status (locked or unlocked), reduced holdingforce caused by materials between magnet and plate, and unlockeddevice due to current loss.
Door Status Sensor (DSS) Ceramic magnet-reed type sensor for remote indication of doorstatus (opened or closed, independent of
local power); magnet embedded in armature for tamper resistance;reed switch inside electronic
housing cavity for easy access.
LEDIndicator Included on SCS options, the LED gives alocal indication of lock status: red - unsecured; green -secured.
Low-Voltage Detection
(SCS version only)
Low voltage dramatically reduces electromagnetic lock holdingforce. This detection feature signals the SCS
relay/LED to activate (alarm) when voltage drops below 10.3 VDC(12V input) or 20.5 VDC (24V input).

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