RCI Rutherford Controls DE8310x28 Delayed Egress Maglock with External Sounder

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RCI Rutherford Controls DE8310x28 Delayed Egress Maglock with External Sounder

Part Number: DE8310X28
Manufacturer: RCI Rutherford Controls
UPC Number: DE8310X28

RCI Rutherford Controls DE8310 x 28

Delayed Egress Maglock with External Sounder

The Delayed Egress Electromagnetic Lock is an All-in-One delayedegress lock with a built-in sensor that detects pressureapplied to outward swinging doors. Built-in sounder, voice andCCTV monitoring combinations make this ideal for applicationsrequiring Loss Prevention, Life Safety and Traffic Control.The DE8310 is unique in that there is no need to replace existingdoor hardware making this an easy and affordable delayedegress solution.


  • All-in-One delayed egress lock
  • Built in "sensor" detects when pressure is applied to outwardswinging doors - No need to replace existing door hardware
  • Field selectable 15 or 30 second release delay with fieldselectable 0 to 3 second nuisance delay
  • Provision for IBC, SBC, NFPA101, UBC, BOCA or NBC of Canadacompliance
  • Unique highly visible "Red/Green" light panel indicates statusof door (local)
  • Available with built-in sounder, voice and CCTV monitoringcombinations
  • Camera comes with BNC and RCA video outputs
  • Includes 960 Keyswitch for reset and override, 15 secondBuilding Code Sign; base unit includes external sounder
  • Built-in Security Condition Sensor (SCS) feature indicates thatthe door is closed and bonded
  • Dry contact SPDT and DPDT relays provided for local and/orremote monitoring
  • Auto sensing voltage from 12 to 24 VDC
  • Up to 1200lbs (540kg) holding force

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