RCI Rutherford Controls TD365 365 Day Timer

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RCI Rutherford Controls TD365 365 Day Timer

Part Number: TD365
Manufacturer: RCI Rutherford Controls
UPC Number: TD365

RCI Rutherford Controls TD365

 365 Day Timer

RCI's TD365 is a fully programmable, 365 day/24 hour, multipleevent timer. It is extremely versatile and may be used for a widevariety of applications. The timer can perform up to 99daily/weekly independent events. Each of these events may beprogrammed to occur at any time, or day of the week. DaylightSavings time is no problem, simply select the Daylight Savings modeand automatic adjustment will occur.

The "First Person In" feature is designed to delay the automaticdisarming of a security system until the first person withauthorized access arrives at the protected premises. If nobodyarrives, as in the event of holidays or severe weather conditions,the security system (burglar alarms, access controls, videocameras, etc.) will remain armed.

The TD365 Timer includes a variety of features to meet all ofyour demanding home/building automation requirements.


  • 24 hr, 365 day timer for individual daily events
  • 2 momentary or latching form "C" relays to control locks andother electronic devices or circuits
  • Large alphanumeric backlit LCD display for easyprogramming
  • 16 characters by 2 line LCD
  • "First Person In" feature to prevent unattended open doors
  • EEProm memory for safe storage of data (all data is stored inthe event of a power failure)
  • 40 programmable holidays to override regular schedule
  • 99 daily/weekly events for flexibility and versatility
  • Automatic voltage selection 12 to 24 VAC or DC
  • Lithium Battery Included
  • Built in battery charger circuit allows for addition of standby battery
  • High current capabilities

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