Speco DFM1 Dome Flush Mount Kit w/Adapter for 6246 Housing

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Speco DFM1 Dome Flush Mount Kit w/ 1 Adapter for 6246 Housing

Part Number: DFM1
Manufacturer: Speco
UPC Number: 30519996563

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Speco DFM1 Dome Flush Mount Kit w/Adapter for 6246 Housing

The DFM dome flush mount kit allows select Speco Technologies dome cameras 
to be flush mounted into walls and ceilings. Give your customers the designer 
look they desire.

Back box easily flush mounts into hollow walls and ceilings
Flush mount box is secured with the use of four retaining clamps
Perfect for existing construction
Preconfigured to fit several types of Speco tamperproof and indoor cameras
Contains two different size Chameleon decorator rings for a finished look
Rings can be painted to match any decor before installation
Built-in loops allows the installer to secure the DFM with a safety strap
Installation template included

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