Speco SPCT8T 8" Ceiling Tile 2 x 2 Speaker w/ 70/25V Transformer & Cross Tee

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Speco SPCT8T 8" Ceiling Tile 2 x 2 Speaker w/ 70/25V Transformer & Cross Tee

Part Number: SPCT8T
Manufacturer: Speco
UPC Number: 30519362122

Speco SPCT8T

8" Ceiling Tile Speaker w/ 70/25V Transformer & Cross Tee

SpecoTechnologies new Ceiling Tile Speaker is the perfect solution forcommercial sound applications that require speed of installation,aesthetics and superior sound performance. With the SP-CT8/T,installation is lightning quick and easy requiring only the connectingof speaker wire to the units push-button terminals then selecting theproper wattage setting on the transformer dial, then just lay thespeaker in an established drop-ceiling. Countless time, and money issaved by the efficient installation-friendly design eliminating thelabor-intensive task of cutting mounting holes in ceiling tiles. Thisis usually required for standard speaker installations. The speakerssmooth vent-facade design blends seamlessly with any commercialdrop-ceiling environment and provides an ample gateway for wide sounddispersion. This visual design is matched by the high performance ofthe SP-CT8/Ts flat frequency curve and wide response range. Made ofdurable components and furnished complete with a support crossbar rail,the SP-CT8/T will provide countless years of reliability and soundperformance.

Technical Specifications

Woofer 8" Polypropylene with rubber surround
Tweeter 3/4" Mylar dome tweeter
Frequency Response 50Hz-20kHz
Max Power 30 Watts RMS/ 60 Watts RMS
Sensitivity 90 +/- 3dB
Impedance 8 ohms
Selector Switch 70/25 Volt
Transformer Settings 20, 10, 5, 2.5, 1.25, and 8 ohms
Dimensions 23" W x 23"H x 6"D
Weight 7.1 lbs.
Accessories 2' Drop-ceiling crossbar rail included


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