Speco WAT50DW 50 Watt Speaker Line Attenuator,Decor-White

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Speco WAT50W 50 Watt Speaker Line Attenuator, White

Part Number: WAT50DW
Manufacturer: Speco
UPC Number: 30519998390

The WAT series of wall-mount volume controls offer
several options to allow local management of the
volume of 70 or 25V speakers. These volume controls
come in either a 10W or a 50W model, and have the
option of a silver plate with a black knob or a white
plate with a white knob.

• 9 volume steps plus off position
• Fit in a standard single gang, high cube junction box
• Set screw wire connection
• Accepts up to 12 gauge wire
• Mono sound
• Either stainless steel or white plastic plate with plastic knob.
• Dimensions: 2 ¼” (W) x 4 ½” (H) x 1 ⅝” (D)
50 Watt Speaker Line Attenuator,White

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