Vimar Elvox 6941/C17 DigiBus Main Power Supply

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Vimar Elvox 6941/C17 DigiBus Main Power Supply

Part Number: 6941/C17
Manufacturer: Elvox

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Vimar Elvox 6941/C17 DigiBus Main Power Supply

The  6941 power supply is used with the (Digi-Bus) digital dial
concierge intercom and/ or the digital-dial apartment entry intercom system(s),
for up to the first 200 apartment handset stations (users), 50 digital distributors, 2
entry panels or 1 entry panel and 1 switchboard. Also, one additional unit is required
for approximately every additional 200 handsets (users).The 6941 features stabilized
supply with short-circuit protection, frequency-modulated electronic all circuit, call
exclusion on activation of phonic line, "power-on" indicator led, "door lock release
control" indicator led, "phonic line" indicator led, indicator leds for auxiliary functions
1 and 2 and relay connection outputs for auxiliary functions. The 6941 mounts on
DIN support or with expanding plugs with screws.

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